The Early History Of The Tar Heels

In January 1910, the first ever basketball game North Carolina was played. They beat Virginia Christian by doubling their score, 42-21. Eleven years later, North Carolina became part of the Southern Conference. Three years later, in 1924, the Tar Heels went undefeated, tallying up a jaw-dropping 26-0 record. In 32 seasons, from 1921-1953, the Tar Heels were a force to be reckoned with, winning a total of 304 games, while only losing 111. They won the Southern Conference regular season nine times, and the Southern Conference Championship eight times.

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When North Carolina left the Southern Conference in 1953 to be a part of the Atlantic Coast Conference, they tapped Frank McGuire to be their head coach. In his fifth year, McGuire led North Carolina to their first NCAA Championship. They were dominant all season, amassing a 32-0 record. They defeated Wilt Chamberlain and his Kansas Jayhawks in triple overtime. It was the only triple overtime game in NCAA Championship history. What’s even more impressive about that win was the night before, when the Tar Heels defeated Michigan State – in triple overtime as well.

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North Carolina was later on banned for the 1961 NCAA tourney for illegal recruitment of talent. McGuire was forced to resign the following year, and Dean Smith took his place.
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