University of North Carolina’s top 4 greatest players

North Carolina is arguably one of the most successful programs in college basketball. It has 6 NCAA national championships under its belt. The Carolina basketball program is known for its emphasis on team play and solid fundamentals. But their game plan wouldn’t be as successful without their star players. Here are the top Tar Heels in North Carolina history.

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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan wasn’t immediately the legendary player he was in the NBA when he started playing in the national spotlight. He was a skinny freshman and the third option to go to when the game was on the line. He took the spotlight though, when he drained the game-winning shot to seal the championship against Georgetown in 1982. He then improved his game exponentially each year until he got drafted in the NBA.

James Worthy

He was with Jordan during the historic 1982 championship game. He was their leader and go-to guy. In college, Worthy was the complete power forward who could dominate the paint and also knock down mid-range jump shots. He was already showing signs of his “showtime” flashes as he would often run the fastbreak and throw down a tomahawk jam to ignite the crowd.

Phil Ford

Phil Ford showed coach Dean Smith that he had the winning mentality when, as a freshman, he dove across the finish line to shave off seconds off his mile time to close out the preseason conditioning program.

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John Bradberry, from Charlotte, NC. I’m a student of the University of North Carolina. Visit my page to get articles about my favorite team, the UNC Tar Heels.


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